10 Ways to Juggle Being a Parent & CEO

Hi there!

I’ve only been a mompreneur for a few weeks, but I am already seeing where the work/life balance could be better.

Below are 10 tips to improve the time spent with little one while handling your business.

  1. Put your phone away when you are with your child.  It can be hard to do with all of the emails and client follow-up calls to make, but you have to do it.  The time with your child is precious. During this time you want to focus on them.
  2. Create a routine.  Little one’s routine has changed over the years, but is crucial now. You don’t want client deadlines to clash with story time.  Find a way to maximize the time with your child and dive into your work.
  3. Block time.  There are so many tasks for a small business owner and not enough hours in the day.  Block out chunks of time for activities like client follow-up and prospecting.  Plan for 30 minutes more so that in case a meeting runs over it won’t affect the other activities.
  4. Automate some tasks.  If you are able, automate tasks like social media so that you can focus on completing projects.
  5. Learn how to professionally say NO to last minute meetings.  Clients are awesome… and demanding.  Learn to professionally let them know that we can meet and discuss at X time instead of right now about something that could be handled with a phone call.
  6. Set realistic expectations for clients.  You must under promise and over deliver.  For example, you tell them the first draft of the brochure will be done in 3-5 days even though it will actually be completed and delivered in 3.  This removes stress and eases your mind while spending time with family and friends.
  7. Let your kid be a kid.  Don’t let a conference call interfere with finger painting.  keep in mind that family time is family time and work time is work time.
  8. Limit time on social media.  I’m jealous of my parents because when my older brother and I were younger they didn’t have cell phones.  They would talk on the phone, but not like we do today.  We spend way too much time texting, tweeting, watching and snapping.  So you there are billionaires that refuse to use email let alone a cell phone?  let that sink in.
  9. Limit time watching tv.  Only time you can indulge is Peppa Pig or Frozen marathon LOL.  Reality TV has really taken over TV and is super negative.  As a CEO you need all the positivity you can get.  This includes how you entertain your mind as well.  Watching rich women fight is funny, but watching tutorials about stream lining a process for clients is better.
  10. HAVE FUN!  Sometimes we can get so caught up with work that we forget to have fun and laugh.  Be silly with you child.  Find humor throughout your work day.


Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 10.03.43 AM



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