Happy Mother’s Day

Hope all you mommies and mommy-to-bes enjoyed your day!  I enjoyed mine!

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Road Trip Must Haves for Toddlers

Road Trip Must Haves for Toddlers

  1. The Toy that’s always in the Car.  We always have Elmo in the car anyway, so make sure he’s along for the ride.
  2. Portable DVD player.  This is a life saver!  You won’t waste your phone battery playing shows on youtube and little one can work the DVD player themselves.  Independent-ish. We got ours as a gift, but you can get a gently used one and are well worth the money!
  3. Crayons.  Little one will have tons of fun coloring the time away! Just be sure to keep them cool, because they do melt.
  4. Letters, Shapes and Numbers. Little one loves to learn…all the time.  Make sure to bring some cut out toys with these on them or at least some printable sheets.
  5. Coloring Books. Little one is an artist that likes to doodle from scratch, but also enjoys coloring inside the lines.  Bring coloring books along with paper so that your toddler isn’t tempted to draw on the hotel room wall.
  6. The toy that is associated with a favorite TV show.  Doc McStuffins is that toy for us.  Your toddler will get bored with the toy that’s always in the car so the Favorite TV show toy swoops in to save the day.
  7. Baby Cell Phone. Your toddler will want to play telephone.  Better for them to use their phone than yours.  Enjoy the toddler gossip!
  8. Baby Tablet. Another form of entertainment for when she gets bored with the DVD player.  Also another way for her to learn letters, numbers and shapes.  Another great benefit is it gives your vocal chords a rest, because nursery rhymes are included.
  9. Favorite Blankie!  DO NOT forget this. I repeat. DO NOT forget this.  Save yourself a royal mini-diva melt down and bring it.  It makes settling little one down for nap in the car so much easier.

*You’ll notice that books aren’t on this list.  I get really BAD motion sickness. If you can handle it then go for it.*

What does your little one have to have while traveling?


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Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine Gifts-Toddler-Mommy-Grandmommy

Hi there!

Hope you all had a great Valentine’s Day with your family and friends.  The gifts in this post weren’t overly expensive, but were very thoughtful. It was interesting picking gifts for a toddler and a parent at the same time. I may have gone a little overboard with the SnapChat filter, but you get the idea.

For Bella


Bella loves Minnie Mouse and picked this one out on her own! She is from Target. Bella also picked out the poprocks candy.  I picked out the lollipop.

For My Mommy/Grandmommy


I got her 2 cards.  One from me and one from Bella.  Each had a really cute message. My mom loves chocolate turtles.  My older brother and I usually get them for her each year.  My older brother is married now so he was busy with his wife.  Anyways, my mom loves butter pecan ice cream.  I got her the best kind, the gelato brand from Publix. She liked the beauty blender I gave her a while ago and was in need of a new one so I got her this one from Target.

For Me


My mom and Bella got me roses and a balloon.  I got myself a new matte lipstick.  On my other blog, blackgirlish.com you can see my first look of the NYX Liquid Suede.  I also got myself some Apple Pie Caramel ice cream also from Gelato brand.

❤ Erica

Studying for Google Fundamentals Exam

Hello there!

Sorry I have neglected you.  I have tried to overcome writer’s block on my other blog, blackgirlish.com, and study for the Google Fundamentals Exam.

I had been studying the study guide for a few weeks and took it last Monday.  I missed a passing score of 80 by 4 points. 😦  I had to wait 7 days to take it again.  I haven’t taken it again yet because I’m just really nervous.

The exam was harder than I expected.  I thought it would be like exams in college. The questions were generally more general with a few advanced questions. The Google Fundamentals exam has more advanced questions with a few general.  Definitely way more in-depth then a glossary type of exam. You better know the definitions of everything in the study guide.

Also like college exams there were a few questions that weren’t covered in the study guide.  Not even in the module videos.  Those were the curve balls that took up the most time.

There are 100 questions and you can’t go back and review your answers.  You only get one shot to get the right answer.  Each questions is worded in such a way that you really have to pay attention.  A lot of “all of these except” and “which of these is.”

This time around I looked at the study guide, module videos, practice exams and Google Partners hangouts.  The parts of the exam that tripped me up were flexible bidding strategies and ad rank.  I spent quite a bit of time trying to understand these.

The exam is one step closer to getting a Google AdWords certification which is critical to my digital marketing career path.  For the certification you have to pass 2 exams. There are 6 exams available on the topics AdWords Fundamentals, Search, Display Video, Shopping and Mobile Advertising.

❤ Erica